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I'm a graphic designer.

Görkem at present is a ma student in the Anadolu University, Department of Graphic Design and at the same time is working for Baskent University as a research assistant. He is also gaining extreme work experience continuously – non-stop. He is currently working with several organizations.

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Winner of Communication Arts 2018 Typography Competition

48 Hour Film Project / Leeuwarden "Best Use of Prop"

Saluut! Een korte film gemaakt door Videonerds Productions tijdens deelname aan de 48-hour film project te Leeuwarden.
De film heeft een award gewonnen voor "beste gebruik van prop"!

Saluut! A short movie made by Videonerds Productions and me as motion graphic designer
while participating in the 48-hour film challenge Leeuwarden on 2013.
The film won the award "Best use of prop"!


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  • Advertising
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  • Motion Graphic
  • Coding
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Hope you liked the page. I really like to hear some feedbacks from you. Hmm, you can be busy for that. Then maybe you would like to hear about me ghostly. If you wanna know about me instantly, you can follow my social media accounts. They're located below right corner. thanks again, cya =)

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